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Alexandrite Pendants
Alexandrite Pendants - Natural Alexandrite Necklaces set in Platinum and 18 karat White Gold - Created Genuine Chatham Alexandrite Pendants in Stock
Genuine Alexandrite Pendants Made in Gold and Platinum
Quick – how many alexandrite pendants have you seen in the mall jewelry stores? We’ll bet you haven’t seen many, if you have seen any at all. But by visiting our website you have found a “mother lode” of alexandrite pendants. And we offer a variety of styles from elegant and sophisticated to the more whimsical and casual.Quality Alexandrite Pendant Jewelry - Quality 18 karat White Gold Pendant Jewelry
All our alexandrite pendants are crafted from the finest of precious metals – either white gold or platinum which is then set with the best Brazilian alexandrite. The contrast between the cool tones of the white metal and the color changing (green to reddish purple) alexandrite gemstones is outstanding. Most are also set with “contrasting” white diamonds which are the perfect accent to the alexandrite and make these pendants standouts. And if you are wondering about the quality of the color change offered by these exquisite alexandrite it is quite simply the best available – alexandrite that display a very strong, vibrant 90 to 100 % color change.Price of Genuine Alexandrite Pendant Jewelry
The best thing about our alexandrite pendants is their price. We only carry the best quality “alex” pendants and we do everything we can to make sure they are affordable. How often can you say you have seen the best quality offered at the most affordable prices?Custom Made Alexandrite Pendants
Need something truly custom? We can help create an alexandrite pendant for you. Or how about an alexandrite pendant with matching earrings – we can help you create that too. We carry the best loose alexandrite and diamonds and we work with only the best craftsmen and we can work with you to design your ultimate alexandrite jewelry.Why Buy Alexandrite Jewelry from
And we stand behind every piece of alexandrite jewelry we sell. Make sure to check out our Guarantee Policy. We hope you will check out the quality of our alexandrite jewelry for yourself. As with all gemstone, pictures don’t do them justice. Alexandrite is best viewed under low light conditions and a single light source. A cloudy day is best to see the true green (or bluish green) color. Ideally a candle or penlight is best to view the color change red (or reddish purple) color. Given those ideal lighting conditions a camera cannot capture the beautiful green color of fine gem alexandrites. You will be shocked at how nice the color change really is when you see it for yourself.

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