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Heirloom Blue Green Tourmaline
Stunning Quality Loose Blue Green Tourmaline Gems for SALE - Loose Blue Green Tourmalines for Stunning Jewelry
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If you love the cool mint greens and sparkling ocean blues, Green Blue Tourmaline Gemstones are the perfect choice. The range of unique colors captured in these Tourmaline gemstones, ranging from deep turquoise green to a bright electric blue, is stunning and captivating. These small free size Blue Green Tourmaline gemstones are the perfect way to add a pop of beautiful color to a custom jewelry creation. Paired with either yellow gold or white gold, these versatile loose Tourmaline gemstones will enhance any jewelry look.

Interesting Facts About Blue Green Tourmaline Gemstones - Cool Information for Green & Blue Colored Tourmalines
Did you know that Tourmaline gemstones are pyroelectric and piezoelectric? Let's back up, do you even know what that means? In laymen terms, pyroelectic means that Tourmaline gemstones become electrically charged when heated up. Piezoelectricity refers to the fact that Tourmaline gemstones accumulate an electric charge when squeezed or when stress is applied. Another fun fact is that Tourmaline gemstones were discovered in 1554 by Francisco Spinoza who first recorded finding green Tourmaline gems on an expedition and called it the "Brazilian Emerald".

More Information About Green Blue Tourmaline Gemstones
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