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Imitation Loose Aquamarine Gemstones for SALE - Synthetic Non Genuine Aquamarine Gems in Standard Sizes
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Dazzling Loose Standard Size Imitation Aquamarine Gemstones for SALE Ė Create Custom Jewelry With Non Genuine Aquamarine
With a shimmering medium blue color reminiscent of water, Aquamarine gemstones have captured the hearts of many. Did you know that more than 50% off all people, both men and women, say that blue is their favorite color? Well, when you look at this incredible collection of imitation Aquamarines, itís not hard to see why. These non genuine Aquamarine gemstones are great for creating custom jewelry. First of all, they are all calibrated sizes which means that they will fit in standard mountings. And on top of that, imitation gemstone jewelry is great for everyday wear since itís much more affordable than genuine gems and itís less nerve wracking to wear something less expensive. But, less expensive doesnít always mean less beautiful. With twelve different classic gemstone shapes to choose from such as round, oval, pear, heart and square, the possibilities of custom jewelry creations with these imitation Aquamarine gemstones are endless. As always, AfricaGems offers FREE Shipping on all loose imitation Aquamarines.

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