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Heirloom Peridot
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Out of all of the facts about Peridot gemstones, the coolest thing by far is that Peridot is an extraterrestrial gemstone! While it can be mined from deep inside the earth like most gemstones, Peridot can also be found within meteorites. In fact, some of these outer space peridot gemstones are big enough to be cut and faceted into gemstones for jewelry. In fact, all of AfricaGems peridots come from the Milky Way Galaxy…planet earth, that is! It is much more common to find Peridot gemstones in mines in Pakistan, China, Vietnam and the United States. Another interesting Peridot tidbit is that if you look carefully within the gem you can see double of each facet due to its high double refraction attribute.

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With its famous bold, green chartreuse hue, Peridot gemstones add the perfect color pop to custom jewelry creations. Peridot gemstones are cheerful and fun, yet dazzlingly sophisticated and chic. Paired with other colored gems, or on their own, Peridot gemstones add a special oomph to jewelry! Shop now for your dream Peridot gemstone.

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