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Imitation Amethyst Gems in Standard Calibrated Sizes | AfricaGems

Imitation Amethyst Gemstones for SALE - Loose Standard Size Non Genuine Amethyst Gems for Jewelry
Imitation Amethyst gemstones are a great way to add an inexpensive pop of purple color to your look. With their calibrated sizing, these imitation Amethyst gems will fit in any standard jewelry mounting. Recognized as the birthstone for February, Imitation Amethyst custom jewelry is a great gift for anyone with a February birthday, or a Mom with a kid born in that month. The fun deep royal purple color of Amethyst gems is flattering and always chic. Amethysts look great paired with both white and yellow metals and are extremely versatile in terms of design options.

Learn About Synthetic Amethyst Gemstones - Shop Discount Man Made Amethyst Gemstones
Do you know of any famous Amethyst gemstones? One world famous Amethyst is called the "Delhi Sapphire". It was stolen from a temple in India in 1855 and because of that it is believed to be cursed. This famous gem is currently on display in a museum in London. AfricaGems offers FREE shipping and FREE returns within 30 days on all imitation Amethyst gemstones. All standard size imitation Amethyst gems are in stock and ready to ship.

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