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Loose Chatham Alexandrite Gems for Sale at AfricaGems

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Why is Chatham Alexandrite so Popular?
Simply because the beauty and lower cost of these color change gemstones as compared to the natural genuine Alexandrites.  With genuine Alexandrite prices at an all time high due to sporadic production and increasing demand, the beauty of the lab created Chatham Alexandrites becomes increasingly appealing.  Also the Chatham lab Alexandrites have all the same physical, chemical and optical properties of the genuine Alexandrite.  Only a gemological lab can tell the difference.  With a Chatham alexandrite you also are buying a mucher better looking gemstone than the genuine one.

Genuine Chatham Created Alexandrite Gemstones - Lowest Prices at AfricaGems

For centuries, fine gemstones have been valued for their magnificent color. Unique among such stones is the color-shifting magic of Alexandrite. In sunlight it appears deep teal-green; indoors it glows a brilliant raspberry-purple.

Alexandrite History
First discovered in 1830, high in the mountains of Russia, this spectacular gem was named in honor of the young Czar Alexander II. The finest natural Alexandrite still comes from the region, though prime specimens are rare and very expensive. In 1972, the Chatham Laboratories developed a process for growing perfect Alexandrite crystals in a controlled, environmentally responsible manner. Chatham Created Alexandrite has precisely the same properties and color-change characteristics as naturally-occurring Alexandrite, at a fraction of the cost.

Genuine Chatham Alexandrite Jewelry
So unique and stunning is the Chatham color-changing Alexandrite that your Alexandrite jewelry will surely be an eye-catching conversation piece. No one can resist the magnetic appeal of an Alexandrite ring glittering on the hand. Whether set with diamonds for a fancier occasion, or perhaps in a simple white gold band for an every day piece, any jewelry with lab created loose Chatham Alexandrite will be jewelry to cherish and enjoy for generations.