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Alexandrite Rings & Alexandrite Engagement Rings - Quality Genuine Alexandrite Gold Rings - Alexandrite Platinum Rings
Alexandrite Engagement Rings - The New Trend in Engagement Rings
We are very proud of our selection of alexandrite rings. Fashion rings as well as engagement rings and alexandrite wedding bands. Alexandrite use in engagement rings is trending up, up, up! Savy engagement ring buyers are seeing the that value, rarity and uniqueness of a genuine Alexandrite engagement ring far outshines the hyped, overvalued diamond engagement rings.

History of Alexandrite as Engagement Rings
For a moment, let’s examine the use of alexandrite in engagement rings. Some cultures call them betrothal rings, some call them engagement rings but no matter what you call them, they have been around for centuries. It is believed that in “modern” Western cultures the wealthy started giving engagement rings sometime after Austria’s Archduke Maximilian I gave his beloved Mary of Burgundy an engagement present of a diamond ring in 1477. Now fast forward to the 20th century and the availability of diamonds for use in engagement rings for those of every financial status. First it was white diamond solitaires. For a period in the 1980’s, the trend was a blue sapphire center gemstone, surrounded by white diamonds similar to Princess Diana’s engagement ring. Then in the first 10 years of the 21st century, the trend was to mix pink or yellow diamond solitaires with white diamond side stones. Some chose to combine black and white diamonds in their engagement rings. Because of the changing trends, there is no right or wrong when it comes to an engagement ring. It should be all about what works for the couple and more importantly, what works for the bride. Many brides are taking the “Princess Diana” sapphire and diamond engagement ring to the next step. They are choosing to use alexandrite as their engagement ring gemstone. Alexandrite with or without diamond accents make exceptional engagement (or wedding) rings.Why Use an Alexandrite for An Engagement Ring?
Because it is a magical color change gemstone; blue sapphire will always be blue; ruby will always be red; but alexandrite will change from one distinct color to another depending on the light source. In daylight, alexandrite will be a green (bluish green) and in incandescent light it will be a red (purplish-red or raspberry red). It is like having a “twofer” – two engagement rings for the price of one. And alexandrite is an 8.5 on the Mohs scale so it is very durable and suitable for everyday wear.Types of Alexandrite Engagement Rings
We carry true solitaire alexandrite rings – solitaires with no side gemstones, to alexandrite engagement rings with a couple of diamond accent side stones all the way up to alexandrite rings set with pave of diamonds or channel set diamonds “dripping” down the shank of the ring. We also have beautiful alexandrite rings that would make beautiful wedding bands. Simple band rings with alternating alexandrite and diamonds or a vintage style band that has diamonds and alexandrite all set in exquisitely fashioned yellow gold. Some think it is perfect for the bride who only wants to wear a wedding band with no engagement ring. And then there is the ring made with 2 tones of 14k gold and round and square alexandrite - simply elegant and understated.Custom Made Alexandrite Rings
But let’s say you don’t find something you love that is already made or you what to add something to what we already have. At AfricaGems we can help you create your very own style of alexandrite engagement and / or wedding ring. Do you want something that is modern in style? How about a style that pays tribute to the Etruscan or Victorian eras? Or a style that is more simple or something that is very unique and might be a blend of styles? Do you want something that “blends” with one or two bands that nestles against the engagement ring? Or would you like a wedding band that wraps around the engagement ring? What is your pleasure and what works for you, that’s what it’s all about. We work with you to design what will make you happy. Bottom line, whether you want an alexandrite engagement ring, wedding ring, or fashion ring that we have in stock or you want us to work with you to create your special ring or rings, you will always get the best at - the best quality precious metals; the best quality workmanship; the best quality gemstones – bar none!Quality Alexandrite & Alexandrite Guarantee
And we stand behind every piece of alexandrite jewelry we sell. Make sure to check out our Guarantee Policy. We hope you will check out the quality of our alexandrite jewelry for yourself. As with all gemstone, pictures don’t do them justice. Alexandrite is best viewed under low light conditions and a single light source. A cloudy day is best to see the true green (or bluish green) color. Ideally a candle or penlight is best to view the color change red (or reddish purple) color. Given those ideal lighting conditions a camera cannot capture the beautiful green color of fine gem alexandrites. You will be shocked at how nice the color change really is when you see it for yourself.Learn More About Alexandrite Gemstones
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