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Unheated - Untreated Natural Loose Rubies from
AfricaGems has a vast selection of Ruby Gemstones in stock and ready to ship to you to fashion into a wonderful Ruby gemstone rings. distinguishes these natural unheated, completely untreated Rubies from our other heat treated rubies for a simple reason. These Rubies are in the same chemical and physical state that they were mined in. More and more people are asking for completely natural, untreated gemstones. AfricaGems provides complete gemological certification done by independent gemology labs and gemologists for each unheated ruby gemstone as well as heated ruby gemstone.

Loose Ruby Treatments.
Most loose rubies available in the gem markets today are heat treated. Most commercial grades of ruby under 3 carat sizes are from the area called Mong Hsu in Burma. These rubies are almost unrecognizable as gem rubies in the raw uncut state. They are a very strong grade of purple and almost opaque and only after heat treatment is the color and clarity good enough to be faceted into gem rubies. Many of the Mong Hsu rubies are heavily fractured. These fractures detract from the clarity and brilliance of the gems. To make the rubies more transparent, the rubies are heated in a flux of borax which repairs these fractures and increases the value of the gems. To read in detail about this treatment process see Richard Hughes excellent website about Ruby treatments .

AfricaGems Complies With The Block Burmese Jade Act of 2008 certifies that all Ruby Gemstones sold by are "non-Burmese covered articles" in that they were not mined in or extracted from Burma, or were imported into the United States prior to September 27, 2008. For Ruby Gemstones imported after September 27, 2008, paperwork records have been obtained stating that these Ruby Gemstones were not mined in or extracted from Burma. These records are maintained by

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These stunning loose unheated rubies are perfect for your dream Ruby jewelry. Enjoy FREE Shipping on all loose untreated Rubies.

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We have MANY more genuine Ruby gems that are not listed on our website. Please Contact Us by Email or Call 888-566-9436 for information on other available Ruby gems.

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