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Heirloom Ruby Gems
Find High Quality Loose Rubies at AfricaGems - All Natural Genuine Guaranteed Ruby Gemstones Available at AfricaGems
Round Cut
Round Cut
51 Available
Oval Cut
Oval Cut
40 Available
Cushion Cut
Cushion Cut
17 Available
Other Cuts
Other Cuts
53 Available
Unheated Ruby
Unheated Ruby
10 Available
Fine Gem Loose Ruby at AfricaGems

Loose Rubies at AfricaGems. High Quality Ruby Gemstones for Sale at AfricaGems
Are the most popular sizes for ruby gems to mount in ruby jewelry such as ruby rings and ruby pendants.

Amazing Loose Ruby Gemstones for SALE - Find the Perfect Ruby for your Engagement Ring
These days, colored gemstone engagement rings are all the rage. Many people abandon the traditional diamond and loudly proclaim: Colored Rocks Rock! In the spirit of thinking outside the (jewelry) box, we encourage people to follow their heart and choose a gemstone that they truly love for the most important ring of their life. If you love the color red, filled with passionate ardor and bright beautiful tones, Ruby is the gemstone for you. The brilliant red color of Rubies is often symbolic of love and relationships making it truly appropriate for an engagement ring. We are pleased to offer you a spectacular selection of Ruby gemstones ranging from 2 to 3 carats. Our Ruby collection includes a variety of popular standard gemstone shapes including Oval Cut, Pear Cut and Heart Shape.

Shop for Beautiful Ruby Gemstones for Ruby Jewelry - Loose Rubies for Jewelry and Gifts
Many women have a fantasy piece of jewelry in their mind's eye just waiting to be set into their dream ring, or pendant or earrings. If Rubies are part of your jewelry desires than look no further than AfricaGems. We offer FREE shipping on all loose Ruby Gemstones.

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