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Green Tsavorite Garnet Gemstones for Sale - Loose Genuine Tsavorite Garnet Gems

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48 of 84 Items

Loose Tsavorite Garnet Gems
Unlike the other Garnet gemstone species, natural Tsavorite Garnet gemstones are considered rare gems. A Tsavorite garnet gem in anything over a one carat size that possesses the vibrant emerald like color, and has high brilliance and excellent clarity is indeed something the gem buyer doesn't see in the gem markets everyday. has always been a gem dealer that carries a vast selection of top quality Tsavorite gemstones in the larger sizes. The perfect balance of color, not light or dark, but a bright open electric green is the most desirable color and tone characteristic for Tsavorite garnet gems. All have the wonderful brilliance, durability and timelessness that characterize the garnet gem species. Many of these gems were faceted in the USA to superior proportions.

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