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Standard Calibrated Red Garnet Gemstones in All Shapes and Sizes at AfricaGems

18 of 18 Items
18 of 18 Items

Full Range of Red Garnets from Mozambique for SALE - Gorgeous Loose Red Garnet Gems
AfricaGems is proud to carry the most complete collection of beautiful Mozambique Red Garnets that are attractive, durable, not treated and affordable. These red garnets are part of the pyrope family of garnets. These red garnets display a beautiful glowing red color with hints of orange and brown. The red garnets are mostly cut in a checkerboard style of faceting on the gemstone crown that gives these large red garnets special brilliance. With their contemporary and stylish look, these amazing Mozambique garnets are perfect for a ring center.

Calibrated Red Garnets Now in Stock - Shop for Discount Mozambique Garnets in Standard Sizes
AfricaGems now stock the most complete selection of calibrated, standard-sized red garnets available anywhere. We stock over 125 different shapes and sizes in both regular cut, but also cabochon cut and checkerboard cut. The advantage of standard-sized gems is that they can be easily set into standard mountings. Choose your favorite standard sized red Mozambique Garnet for a custom ring.

A Red Garnet Birthstone is a Great Choice for Garnet Rings
These Mozambique red garnets would be a wonderful choice for those seeking a birthstone gift for someone born in January. These red gems make up very pretty garnet jewelry and look especially attractive set with yellow gold. Find the perfect birthstone gift for a January baby.

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