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Genuine Rare Demantoid Garnet Gemstones - Loose Demantoid Garnet Gemstones - Namibian Demantoids from AfricaGems
Demantoid Garnet from has a nice selection of the most spectacular Garnets in the Garnet family of gemstones. Demantoid garnets have a higher refraction index than diamonds, meaning that they are much brighter than diamonds. Combined with a beautiful green color, they are among the rarest and most sought after of garnets gemstones.
Demantoid Garnets from Namibia
Marc Sarosi was among the first gemstone dealers to bring to market a new Demantoid discovery from Namibia. In 1997 I was offered a beautiful parcel of rough Demantoid garnet from a local gemstone miner near Usakos. After positively identifying these as Demantoid garnets, I began to bring this new and exciting discovery to the international gemstone market. These Namibian Demantoid do not have the rich emerald green color and typical horsetail inclusions of their Russian Demantoid cousins but they are much more affordable. But they are nevertheless extremely bright and attractive Demantoid
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This deposit also produced Andradite garnets which are yellow and brownish in color but also extremely bright. The best Demantoid I ever managed to purchase, I donated in year 2000 to the Smithsonian Institution Natural History Museum.
Demantoid Prices
This small selection of Namibian Demantoid is being offered at extremely low prices. Take advantage of these exceptionally rare garnets at these very low prices.
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