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Unique "Tangerine" Garnets from AfricaGems
Very high quality, loose faceted Spessartite garnet gemstones have always been a regular feature of AfricaGems. Spessartite garnets are primarily orange garnets, but can have different hues and tones. Tangerine garnet is a spessartite garnet but has a lighter tone than the very popular Mandarin garnet gemstones from Namibia. I was on a gem buying safari in eastern Zambia in 1995 and was presented a nice parcel of very bright orange rough gems. I was very excited and bought of all them immediately. I named these bright orange garnets with a yellowish undertone “tangerine garnets” to distinguish them from the Mandarin garnets. Like the Mandarin garnet, the Tangerine garnets are mostly included, clean gemstones of over 2 carats are very rare. The prices of Mandarin garnets are sky-high as there is no new material being mined in larger sizes. The tangerine garnets come in larger sizes, up to 10 carats for a fraction of the price of the mandarin garnets. All of these gemstones have been cut and polished in the USA to superior proportions and shapes.
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