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  • Round Shape Mabe Pearls

    Round Shape Mabe Pearls

    This Grade AA Mabe Pearl displays a white color with pink undertones. Mab? cultured Pearls are a unique gift from nature. Formed on the inside of the shell, rather than the inside of the body of the oyster,These Pearls are often referred to as cultured...

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The Best White Mabe Cultured Pearls
Unlike the Akoya pearl which is cultured from within the oyster's tissue, Mabe pearls grow on the inside of the oyster's shell. While some Mabe pearls will occasionally appear spontaneously in nature, generally Mabe pearls are intentionally cultured. These pearls are cultured by implanting a hemispheric nucleus against the oyster's shell which creates a hemispheric shaped pearl with one flat surface. Mabe pearls can be easily distinguished by their flat back, caused from growth against the flat shell. When the pearl is removed from the oyster the back is capped it with a piece of mother-of-pearl to complete the pearl.

Beautiful Mabe Pearl Jewelry
Mabe pearls are ideal for rings and earrings, as opposed to strands, as their flat back is perfect for mounting into stylish settings. Choose a stunning pear shaped Mabe pearl for a ring to elongate the finger and flatter the hand. The hemispherical round shape is great for stud earrings that are light, classic, and easy wear. With a stunning shiny luster Mabe pearl jewelry is a great accessory for everyday and fancy occasions. Add a dose of elegance and pearly sheen to your look with a loose Mabe pearl for your dream pearl jewelry.

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