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Mystic Sunrise - Calibrated
Beautiful Mystic Sunrise Topaz Gemstones - Best Selection in All Shapes and Sizes Are at AfricaGems
Beautiful Mystic Sunrise Topaz Gemstones in Standard Sizes – Calibrated Loose Mystic Sunrise Topaz for SALE
Think about the last sunrise you saw. Bring yourself back to the moment of breathtaking beauty where the colors of the sky jumbled together in that moment of transition from night to day. Sunrise is quite possibly the most scenic time of day, and it also represents a lovely idea. Sunrise teaches us that after the dark and lonely moments of the night when despair seems like the only option, soon a burst of light will peek through and then light up the entire world with a new hope and beginning. Mystic Sunrise Topaz captures the beautiful rainbow of colors that we are treated to at Sunrise. It has deeper undertones that remind us of the quiet night but the most vibrant tones are yellows and oranges, with flashes of many other colors that mimic the rising sun illuminating the world and exposing all of the vibrant colors that were cloaked in darkness only minutes before. Mystic Sunrise Topaz is a gemstone that represents hopefulness, new beginning and positivity.

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