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Mystic Pink - Calibrated
Vivid Mystic Pink Topaz - Quality Pink Topaz Gemstones in Full Range of Sizes & Shapes at AfricaGems
Beautiful Mystic Pink Topaz Gemstones in Standard Sizes – Calibrated Loose Mystic Pink Topaz for SALE
If you’ve looked over the Topaz selection on AfricaGems, you might have noticed that we offer Pink Passion Topaz and Baby Pink Passion Topaz in addition to the beautiful Mystic Pink Topaz you see before you here. And you might be wondering to yourself, what’s with all of the different types of Pink Topaz and is there really such a difference between the three. If you’re color blind, then the difference is probably unimportant, but people who are connoisseurs in design and fashion understand the subtle differences in shades and how that can affect the overall look of a piece of jewelry, or really anything. So therefore, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of different types of pink topaz. Mystic Pink Topaz gems are distinct because their vibrant pink color is offset by a play of reds and oranges that combine to form a stunning and unique shade of pink. AfricaGems offers FREE shipping on all gemstones and provides a certificate of authenticity with each gemstone purchase.

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