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Topaz - London Blue
Deep Blue London Blue Topaz Gemstones - Enormous Selection of London Blue Topaz Are at AfricaGems

London Blue Topaz Gemstones
AfricaGems stocks a full range of superior cut london blue topaz gemstones in all shapes and sizes. We carry more than 105 different sizes and shapes all in the AAA Grade. Our exceptional london blue topaz is characterized by a deep blue gray color, is very well cut and is eye clean.
All of Our Topaz Gemstones Comply with USNRC Regulations
The USNRC (United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission) has strict import regulations regarding blue topaz gemstones to ensure that they do not have residual radiation from the treatment process. AfricaGems guarantees that all of our blue topaz gemstones comply and are imported under these regulations.

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