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Loose Blue Green Tourmaline Gemstones - Superb Collection of Fine Blue Green Loose Tourmalines
These blue-green tourmaline gemstones are incredibly gorgeous. Born in Namibia, these are amongst the finest quality blue green tourmalines you will see anywhere. I bought about 1 kilo of the ultra-fine, rough tourmaline gems from the famous "dead dog" deposit, which only yielded about 3 kilos of ultra fine material. These tourmalines are different from the Neu Schwaben deposit, these being much brighter and more open color. The brighter teal colored tourmalines from this mine possess an incredible luster and brightness which is very unusual for tourmaline. The faceted gems are all incredibly brilliant and lively. All of these tourmaline gems were cut here in the USA to exceptional standards and to maximize brilliance, not weight. These very fine blue green tourmalines are an opportunity not to be missed. These tourmaline gemstones make spectacular gemstone jewelry.

Stunning Bluish Green Tourmaline Gemstones for SALE - Create Breathtaking Custom Jewelry with These Unique Tourmaline Gems
What a color pop! The fantastic, unique and incredibly lovely bluish green color found in these exceptional Tourmaline gems is perfect for jewelry. If you love to accessorize with color, then these are the gems for you. With superior proportions, eye clean plus clarity and high quality cuts, these are the best Tourmalines on the market. We offer FREE Shipping on all loose Tourmaline gems.

Shop Free Size Blue Green Tourmaline Gemstones Best Discount Loose Blue Green Tourmaline for SALE
If you love the cool mint greens and sparkling ocean blues, Green Blue Tourmaline Gemstones are the perfect choice. The range of unique colors captured in these Tourmaline gemstones, ranging from deep turquoise green to a bright electric blue, is stunning and captivating. These small free size Blue Green Tourmaline gemstones are the perfect way to add a pop of beautiful color to a custom jewelry creation. Paired with either yellow gold or white gold, these versatile loose Tourmaline gemstones will enhance any jewelry look.

Interesting Facts About Blue Green Tourmaline Gemstones - Cool Information for Green & Blue Colored Tourmalines
Did you know that Tourmaline gemstones are pyroelectric and piezoelectric? Let's back up, do you even know what that means? In laymen terms, pyroelectic means that Tourmaline gemstones become electrically charged when heated up. Piezoelectricity refers to the fact that Tourmaline gemstones accumulate an electric charge when squeezed or when stress is applied. Another fun fact is that Tourmaline gemstones were discovered in 1554 by Francisco Spinoza who first recorded finding green Tourmaline gems on an expedition and called it the "Brazilian Emerald"

Beautiful Blue-Green Tourmaline Gemstone Pairs
Tourmaline the birthstone of October comes in a rainbow of colors, shades and nuances. The Elbaite species of Tourmaline is the most common variety of the gemstone and is often used for creating beautiful jewelry. Color is the major characteristic of Tourmaline. Blue-Green Tourmalines are precious stones displaying a uniqueness and splendor of those colors, even among Blue-Green Tourmalines there is a broad spectrum of color. According to ancient Egyptian legend, on the long way up from the Earth's core towards the sun Tourmaline gem traveled along a rainbow and collected all the colors. This is why Tourmaline is called "Rainbow Gem'. In fact, Tourmaline's range of colors is not limited to only the seven colors of the rainbow, but can appear in just about any color, hue or tone known to man. Blue-Green Tourmalines also show a remarkable dichroism. The color will be different depending on the angle viewed. The deepest color will always be shown along the main axis, a fact that a gem cutter has to keep in mind when cutting Blue-Green Tourmaline.

AfricaGems The Place to Find Your Blue-Green Tourmaline Matched Pair
Africa Gems has a wide range of loose Blue-Green Tourmaline matched paired stones at discount prices! With superior proportions, eye-clean plus clarity and high quality cuts these are the best faceted Tourmalines on the market and are perfect for jewelry. We offer FREE shipping and 100% full refund policy if returned within 30 days of purchase. We also offer great experience and service to help you find the Blue-Green matched Tourmaline gemstone that will best suit you. We also ensure complete disclosure of all treatments used on our stones.

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