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Golden - Calibrated
Golden Citrine Gemstones for SALE - Lovely Golden Citrine Gemstones in Calibrated Sizes Are for Sale at AfricaGems
Interesting Facts About Citrine Shop Citrine Gemstones in Standard Sizes FREE Shipping on All Citrine
Did you know that although the word citrine is most commonly used to refer to the stunning gemstone seen here, the term is actually the name of a yellow color with green, brown or orange undertones? Another fun fact is that there is an adorable yellow colored bird known as the Citrine Wagtail! And while were learning all about Citrine, its a little-known fact that etymologically, the historical source word for Citrine is linked to the citron fruit, a fragrant citrus fruit similar to a lemon but less juicy. This intriguing fruit has been used throughout history to heal an array of ailments, and to this day the Jewish people use a citron, also known as an esrog, for ritual purposes during their sukkos holiday. Wow, who knew that learning about Citrine gemstones would lead to such fascinating information!

Standard Sized Citrine Gemstones for SALE Shop Many Shapes and Sizes of Golden Citrine Calibrated Gems
Our fabulous selection of gorgeous Golden Citrine Gemstones features the array of Citrine colors: the lemony light yellow A Grade, then the rich medium yellow AA Grade and the lovely golden dark yellowish orange AAA Grade. Some shapes even include the Enlightened Saffron and Enlightened Golden colors for more variety. In addition to the color options, our Citrine collection includes an array of faceted, checkerboard and cabochon finishes, not to mention the 14 different shapes available in standard sizes. Our amazing assortment of Citrine gemstones is the perfect place to find a Citrine gemstone for your next custom jewelry project!

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