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Letís start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (youíre welcome Sound of Music fans!). What is a diamond simluant anyway? Basically a diamond simulant, otherwise known as a diamond imitation or imitation diamond, is anything with similar characteristics, gemologically speaking, to diamonds. This includes synthetic diamonds, enhanced diamonds, artificial diamonds or any combination of those things. Cubic Zirconia, a lab created diamond alternative, is one of the most popular diamond stimulants, as it is similar to diamonds in dispersion and hardness. If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to white diamonds, white cubic zirconia is an obvious choice. With a look so similar to diamonds that only a trained eye can tell the difference, Cubic Zirconia let you achieve the diamond style without the diamond price tag. While there are definitely benefits of a natural diamond, in many cases, cubic zirconia will do the job just as well! AfricaGems offers an incredible selection of standard size loose white Cubic Zirconia gems in calibrated shapes and sizes. All White Cubic Zirconia gems are in stock and ready to ship.

What is a Diamond Simulant?
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