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  • Blue Chalcedony Round Cab in Grade AAA Blue Chalcedony Round Cab in Grade AAA

    Blue Chalcedony Round Cab in Grade AAA

    This Blue Chalcedony Gemstone in Round Shape Displays a Beautiful Opaque Medium Grayish Blue Color With No Blemishes and is Completely Natural and Has Not Been Subjected to Any Treatments. It Has Been Crafted with a High Degree of Skill and is Perfectly...

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Chalcedony Gemstones - Blue Chalcedony and Purple Chalcedony at
Chalcedony Gemstones come in a variety of colors, the most popular being blue and purple or lavender. These very attractive gemstones are really quartz, specifically cryptocrystalline quartz that owes their attractive colors to trace elements that got incorporated into their crystal structure. The best colors of blue chalcedony and lavender chalcedony are blues that have little to no gray in them and lavender that is a pure even lavender color, no pink or brown hues in them. All high quality chalcedony gems should be free from any kind of inclusions or mottling of the color. Chalcedony gemstones are mined in Namibia and Turkey mainly, but other sources are known. The best quality blue and lavender chalcedony is from Namibia. AfricaGems offers only the best quality chalcedony stones.

Chalcedony Gemstone Jewelry
Chalcedony gemstones set into jewelry such as rings and pendants are very popular gemstones. Their are several reasons. The main one of course is the beauty of the gems and how well they go with gold and silver. Another reason is cost, chalcedony is a relatively inexpensive gemstone, and larger sized gems can be purchased for much less than other comparable sized gemstones. 

Natural vs. Treated Chalcedony
Any buyer of chalcedony gemstones must be aware of the fact that many chalcedony gemstones on the market are treated in color. These treated chalcedony gems owe their color to a dying process that impregnates the gems with a dye to make the stone appear blue or lavender or other color. AfricaGems only sells completely natural chalcedony gemstones.

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