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Unheated Pink Sapphires Gemstones for SALE - Not Treated Loose Pink Sapphire Gem Stones
Unheated - Untreated Natural Color GEM Pink Sapphire from
AfricaGems has an enormous selection of unheated, totally natural pink sapphire gemstones in stock and ready to ship to you by FedEx upon your order. These unheated, genuine natural pink sapphires have been carefully evaluated by a professional gemologist from the GRS, AGTA or other gem laboratories. All of our certified pink sapphires are laser engraved, insured for a full year for free, completely guaranteed and beautifully presented in a professionally designed package. All our sapphires are backed by the best guarantee policy in the business
Unheated Sapphire
The ruby and sapphire are divided into two main areas in regards to treatment, the natural heat treated ruby and heat treated pink sapphire and the natural and unheated ruby and sapphire gemstones. Most sapphire available in the gem markets are heat treated. AfricaGems is very fortunate to have an incredible inventory of natural unheated blue, pink, yellow sapphire and purple sapphires in stock. These sapphires have not undergone any kind of thermal or other types of gemstone treatments. We won't talk about chemically diffused sapphires as these are another entirely different topic and doesn't sell these artificially colored sapphires.
Pink Sapphire Treatments
Pink Sapphire has been mined for thousands of years and pink sapphire heat treatment has been known for many years and mastered by the Thai ruby and sapphire gem dealers in more recent years. In Sri Lanka and Madagascar, a primary source for pink sapphire, most sapphire rough gems are found as mixed unappealing colors. This sapphire rough is frequently not transparent due to numerous inclusions and appears to be almost milky in transparency and color. In the 1960's Thai corundum dealers discovered that when these 'worthless' sapphire rough was heat treated, some of the results where nothing short of miraculous. These heat treated sapphire resulted in incredible hot pink sapphires! When heated to very high temperatures, the internal inclusions melt away, and the transparency or brilliance, color and overall appearance of the sapphire is greatly improved. Even very attractive sapphires that have only a few inclusions will be heat treated to bring out the very best color and brilliance possible. Untreated sapphires command the highest prices as they are much rarer than equal quality sapphires that have been heat treated. Untreated pink sapphires make wonderful gemstone rings .

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