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Stunning Green Apple Colored Swarovski Peridot Gems - Discount Swarovski Peridot Gems for Jewelry
Apple Colored Swarovski Peridot Gemstones Gorgeous Loose Standard Size Peridot Gems for Jewelry
The tart sweetness of a green apple is so beautifully portrayed in this stunning collection of Swarovski enhanced Peridot gems which are aptly called Apple Peridot. Peridot gemstones are the gem variety of the mineral olivine, with iron deposits creating the lovely greenish yellow colors that Peridot are known for. At AfricaGems we are proud to offer a wide selection of Swarovski Enhanced Apple Peridot gems in round, oval, princess, pear and marquise cuts, with each shape available in a variety of standard sizes. These lovely loose gemstones are perfect for creating unique and personalized gemstone jewelry and they are suitable for jewelry mountings or settings that accommodate calibrated sized stones. Whether Peridot is you birthstone, the birthstone of your child or you just love the color, Peridot is a great choice for adding a fun pop of color to your look. AfricaGems has been a trusted provider of gemstones since 1984 and we offer FREE shipping and a FREE 30 day return grace period for your comfort and convenience.

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