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Star Sapphire
Gorgeous Star Sapphire Gemstones for SALE - Stunning Loose Star Sapphire Gems for Jewelry
What’s in the Star Sapphire?
A Star Sapphire is a type of Sapphire that exhibits a star-like phenomenon known as asterism. The six-rayed star is caused by intersecting needle-like inclusions following the underlying crystal structure when viewed with a single overhead light source. The Star Sapphire is typically given a Cabochon cut, as a faceted cut will no longer offer up a star. Twelve rayed stars are occasionally found, or parallel inclusions can create a “cats-eye” effect. The most desirable color of a Star Sapphire is a vivid, intense blue.

Famous Star Sapphires
The Black Star of Queensland, is the largest Star Sapphire in the world, and weighs 733 carats. Discovered in Queensland, Australia, in the 1930s, the stone served as a doorstop for over a decade until it was discovered by a sharp-eyed lapidary, Harry Kazanjian. The gem that had once been a doorstop began its journey to fame. The Black Star has been priced at around $50 million. Other famous Star Sapphires include the Star of Asia, which weighs 330 carats. It is one of the world’s finest Star Sapphire and is on display in the Smithsonian Institute.

Availability of Star Sapphires
It is very difficult and expensive to find natural Star Sapphires that have not been heat-treated as these gems are amongst the most valuable gemstone known today. Almost all Sapphires found in the market today have been heat treated and so it is now possible to own wonderful, natural Star Sapphires at affordable prices. We at AfricaGems have tried our hardest to bring you unheated Star Sapphires that are so rare to find at good prices. Come and see our beautiful range of beautiful loose Star Sapphires. With the variety of excellent stones available here at AfricaGems, each cut and handled to the highest degree, you can be sure to find the perfect Star Sapphire to suit your taste.

AfricaGem – The Best Place to Buy Your Star Sapphire
At AfricaGems we ensure complete disclosure of all treatment methods used on all our gemstones. We also guarantee 100% satisfaction or your complete money back. With great quality stones and wonderful service provided, AfricaGems is the place to find your discounted Star Sapphire.

See the Star of Asia Displayed at Smithsonian

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