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Smokey Quartz
Chic Brown Smokey Quartz Loose Gemstones for SALE - Discount Smokey Quartz for Jewelry at AfricaGems
Smokey Quartz – The Smokin’ Hot Gemstone! – Shop for Loose Smokey Quartz – FREE Shipping
Here’s a cool fact about Smokey Quartz: In the 12th century, the Chinese used Smokey Quartz gemstones in the form of flat planes for sunglasses! In addition to that fun piece of information, there are many believed healing properties of Smokey Quartz gemstone such as aiding in digestion, relieving stress, helping emotional calmness, dispelling nightmares and healing headaches, muscle spasms and back pain. Aside from all of this, the exquisitely beautiful brown color of Smokey Quartz makes it a great gemstone for any piece of jewelry.

Smokey Quartz Gemstones in Fashion Jewelry – Discount Smokey Quartz in Standard Sizes
Smokey Quartz gemstones look absolutely stunning in yellow gold settings. The warm, earthy tones create a serenely beautiful look that is at once high fashion and classically elegant. Jewelry with Smokey Quartz is especially flattering on women with brown eyes or brown hair, as the deep chocolate color highlights and accentuates the natural coloring. This versatile gemstone can take you from day to night, and is the perfect choice for your everyday look!

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