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Gorgeous Diamond Melee for Accenting Custom Jewelry - Find Discount Top Quality Diamond Melee
If you love jewelry with bling, diamond melee accents are a must. The sparkly icy shine of pave diamonds or diamond side gems can take a piece of jewelry to the next level. Whether you choose to add these melee to one of our fabulous mountings, or if you have your own piece of custom jewelry to create, these fabulous small diamonds are a great way to enhance any piece of jewelry, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary. With a variety of shapes, clarity grades and color grades all sold at the best prices, AfricaGems is the best place to buy small diamonds.

Adding Diamond Melee to Gemstone Jewelry - The Pave Diamond Effect in Jewelry
Many colored gemstones can be used for beautiful center stones in a solitaire ring and undoubtedly, any gemstone ring has potential to be stunning. But, when you add the effect of pave diamond or diamond melee accents, the sparkle in the colored gem becomes that much brighter and the color is enhanced from the extra light given off of the diamonds. In addition to their own inherent beauty, diamond melee accents uplift an entire piece of jewelry and truly improve the look of any colored gem paired with pave diamonds.

Small Diamond Melee Fancy & White Diamond Inventory
Like our vast selection of loose gemstones and enhanced diamond, AfricaGems now carries a massive inventory of small calibrated diamonds in VVS to I1 clarity grades and from E to J color grades. All of our small diamonds are carefully graded by certified diamond grading experts to ensure accurate grading. Like all of our gemstones, We guarantee all of our grading! All of our small calibrated diamonds are backed by our 30 day guarantee & return policy.

Matching Diamond Service -Two Day Service
AfricaGems.com can match for you at no charge any amount of diamonds. If you are putting together a diamond tennis bracelet and need 20 matching pieces, we have the inventory and resources to do the right job and get the diamonds to you within 2 days from your order. We can do it!

Economical Diamond Studs
With our FREE diamond matching service, you can order a perfect matching diamond pair for diamond stud earrings, diamond drop earrings, diamond hoop earrings or for accents on a diamond ring. This service saves you LOTS of money as many diamond sites charge a premium for matched diamond pairs-You can save BIG this way.

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