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Rutilated Quartz
Gorgeous Rutilated Quartz Gemstones in Standard Sizes - Loose Beautiful Rutilated Quartz for Jewelry at AfricaGems
All About Rutilated Quartz Gemstones – Best Discount Loose Rutilated Quartz Standard Gems for SALE
Rutilated Quartz refers to clear quartz gemstones decorated with needles of golden Rutile. A fun and interesting fact about Rutiliated Quartz is that it can also be called Venus’ Hair Stone, which is most likely a reference to the hair like appearance of the golden threads that streak through the stone. For those into crystals and healing, Rutilated Quartz is said to increase energy and movement, help the wearer be more decisive and less fearful. It is believed to help with confidence, mental illness, food disorders, and depression. And for those who just think Rutilated Quartz is pretty, they will appreciate the soft neutral colors and edgy and trendy style. Rutilated Quartz gemstones are great to use for customizing fun and fashionable jewelry accessories.

Standard Size Rutilated Quartz Gemstones - FREE Shipping on Wholesale Rutilated Quartz Gems
If you’re looking for a unique and affordable gemstone for a custom jewelry project, Rutiliated Quartz gems are the perfect choice. Let your creativity be inspired by the natural beauty of these gems! Shop today for your favorite Rutilated Quartz gemstones at AfricaGems!

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