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Shop Blue Sapphire Matched Pairs - Oval, Emerald, Pear, Trillion & Other Blue Sapphire Pair
Blue Sapphire Free Size Gemstone Pairs for SALE Ė Oval Shape, Pear Shape, Trillion Shape & More Blue Sapphire Matched Gems
Shopping for gemstone matched pairs is a great way to make the jewelry design process a bit easier. If you are creating any piece of jewelry that demands symmetry, such as earrings or side gemstones, having matched gemstones is imperative and if you donít buy the gems as a pair it is almost impossible to find two gemstones similar enough in shape, size and color to use in jewelry. Matched gemstone pairs are great for earrings, and they can also be used to flank a center gemstone in a ring as side gems. When it comes to Blue Sapphire matched gemstone pairs, AfricaGems offers an incredible selection. Here you will find many gemstone shapes including: oval, square, trillion, heart, pear, emerald, cushion, and cabochon. We also carry a wide range of sizes so that you can find the perfect gemstone pair to create the custom piece of gemstone jewelry of your dreams. Blue Sapphire is always a gemstone choice that will add a classy, refined elegance. The distinct Blue Sapphire shades of cornflower to deep royal blue are synonymous with gemstone fashion and Blue Sapphires will take your gemstone jewelry to the next level.

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