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Madiera - Calibrated
Madeira Citrines in Grade AAA - Loose Madeira Citrine Gems for SALE at AfricaGems
Stunning Standard Sized Madeira Citrine Gemstones for SALE - Shop Discount Wine Colored Madeira Citrine
Suffused with tones of amber, orange and honeyed caramel, this intoxicating gem takes its name from the legendary wines of Madeira, off the coast of Africa. In the 1600s, Portuguese ships were ordered by the king to carry stores of such wines en route to the newly created colonies of Brazil where the richest stones of Citrine are sill mined. Madeira Citrine is energetic, sophisticated and a superbly confident color. Its organic, rich hue brings a touch of warmth to fashions, complimenting other earthy shades such as chocolate, olive, gold and pumpkin. For those who seek an unusual, wearable gem, Madeira Citrine is a fantastic choice.

Beautiful Madeira Citrine Gemstones at
AfricaGems now carries the rich beautiful sherry colored varieties of the Citrine gemstone family known as Madeira Citrine. We stock six different shapes of the Madeira citrine.

Quality Madeiera Citrine Colors and Precise Faceting
AfricaGems prides itself with selling better quality of loose Madeira citrine gems than can be normally bought online or in jewelry store. Our madeira citrine gemstones are directly sourced from the localities that consistently produce the best quality sherry colored citrine gems. Our madeira citrine is cut for brilliance and not for weight. That way your madeira citrine gemstone will display full brilliance and sparkle for that perfect looking citrine ring.

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