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Chrome Tourmaline
Rare Beautiful Chrome Tourmalines Gemstones for SALE - Shop Emerald Green Loose Chrome Tourmaline
Loose chrome tourmaline gemstones are a very difficult gemstone to find in larger, finer qualities. Amongst the most beautiful of all tourmaline gemstones, chrome tourmalines are unique in the tourmaline family of gems because they are mined in only one country in the world-Tanzania. AfricaGems has always had top quality faceted chrome tourmaline gemstones in inventory. Chrome Tourmaline gemstones tend to be available in mostly the darker tones which make the gems too dark, lifeless and generally boring. Chrome tourmaline is very difficult to buy in the raw state as transmitted light through the rough gives the appearance of open color. Only when the raw gems are faceted is the true color of the gems revealed in reflected light. In the top qualities, chrome tourmaline can rival a fine quality emerald in color and beauty, and fashions into spectacular gemstone jewelry. The “chrome” color is due to minute traces of chromium/vanadium in the crystal structure. In the larger sizes, chrome tourmaline is very rare in fine qualities, as the size of the gem is generally inversely proportional to the quality of the color.

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