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Green Quartz
Lovely Standard Sized Green Quartz Gemstones for Jewelry - Discount Green Quartz Gems at AfricaGems
Make Your Friends Green With Envy! – Stunning Loose Green Quartz Gemstones for SALE – FREE Shipping
Anyone keeping up with color trends in fashion and jewelry knows that the color mint green has made a glorious revival. From handbags, to pants, to nails and everything in between, mint green has become the “it” color and it is here to stay! The cool and fresh minty hue of Green Quartz makes it the perfect gemstone to compliment the latest trend. Match the rest of your minty green accessories with a complimenting Green Quartz piece of custom jewelry. Whether it’s a chunky statement ring, a delicate pendant or fun dangle earrings, Green Quartz is a gemstone that is as versatile as it is flattering.

Calibrated Green Quartz Gemstones – Discount Green Quartz Gems for Jewelry
AfricaGems has an impressive variety of loose Green Quartz gems to choose from. With nine different shapes, ranging from classic round to the unique trillion cut, we definitely have the perfect cut of Green Quartz for you. On top of that, some shapes come in different grades so you can choose the shade of Green Quartz you prefer. And in addition to regular faceting, we also offer some gems in cabochon, checkerboard, and double sided checkerboard styles. Be sure to browse through our amazing selection of Green Quartz gemstones!

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