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Buy Matched Pairs of Trapezoid, Half-Moon & Cadi Cut Diamonds - Perfect Diamond Pairs for Side Gems
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Diamond Pairs for Ring Side Gems Ė Shop For Trapezoid Diamonds, Half Moon Diamonds & Cadi-Cut Diamonds
These lovely diamond gemstone pairs, which are sold as pairs (not to be confused with our other standard diamond melee gemstones sold as single stones), are just perfect for side gems in a custom ring. Whether itís a diamond engagement ring or colored gemstone right-hand ring, side gems add a lovely quality to jewelry design. With a diamond as the center gemstone, the side gems create the illusion, depending on the setting, of one larger stone in a interesting shape. For example, with an emerald or square cut center gemstone, the flat edges can be set flush against one another, creating the feel of a large, chunky, interestingly shaped diamond. Itís a lot of bling and a gorgeous statement. Side gems can really upgrade a ring and take it to the next level of glamour and radiance. AfricaGems is the best place to shop for matched diamond gemstone pairs in fancy shapes like trapezoid, half moon and cadi cut. The matching is extremely precise, offering extremely well matched stones, uniform in cut, color and size.

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