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Alexandrite gems in the larger sizes are very rare gemstones. Any alexandrite gem over 1 carat size in a finer quality is considered a collector gemstone. When a gemstone collector is considering an alexandrite of a larger size, the most important criteria for evaluation is the degree of color change. In spite of most peoples belief, alexandrites never have a 100% color change from stop light red to a brilliant emerald green. I have never seen one in 24 years as a gemstone dealer. AfricaGems has more than 30 individual alexandrite gemstones available at any one time and ready to ship to you immediately upon your order. carries alexandrite from all the important sources; we have Brazilian alexandrites, Indian alexandrites, African alexandrites (Tanzanian mostly) and Sri Lankan alexandrites. All alexandrite gemstones are not subject to any kind of treatments and all gemstones are completely natural. All of our alexandrite gems are subject to our strict quality standards and every gemstone would be an excellent choice for yourself or a loved one. Our alexandrite gemstones are backed by our industry leading guarantee policy.

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Did you know that Alexandrite stones are known to be a good omen? Ancient belief systems hold Alexandrite gemstones in very high regard and consider them to be stones with amazing healing and mystical abilities. Interestingly, Alexandrite is supposed to help low self-esteem. Medically, some people claim that Alexandrite heals internal problems with the pancreas and spleen as well as improves the functioning of the nervous system. On an emotional level Alexandrite is known to increase joy and balance in life. In addition to all of these physical and spiritual benefits, Alexandrite is a gorgeous stone to own and wear in jewelry. Start your rare precious gemstone collection with a large sized loose Alexandrite.

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If you are a veteran gemstone collector or just starting out, no true gemstone collection is complete without a large Alexandrite. Its beauty and rarity will soon make it the prized piece in your collection. Enjoy FREE Shipping on all big Alexandrite Gemstones.

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