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hi marc, i had the 12.77 ct pink tourmaline set in my diamond ring this week. i picked it up yesterday; it's GORGEOUS! i thought you might like to see pictures, although the pictures don't do it justice. thanks so much! lisa l. of New Haven CT (bought 2 loose pink tourmaline gems)

The ring and earrings arrived just now, beauitful. Thanks for the great service again Michael D. of Naples FL (bought blue topaz jewelry set)

Dear Mr. Sarosi, The ring just arrived. I do not mind telling you that the photograph did not do it justice, it is wonderful. I have been searching for this ring since I saw one in a painting over forty years ago. Thank you. Michael A of Boise ID (bought black onyx ring)

Marc, Thank you so much! You may have thought it took longer than expected but we thought it was quite expedient. Thank you for continually confirming for us our decision to purchase from Africa Gems. This has been a wonderful transaction. We'll be here all day so as soon as it arrives I'll let you know. Happy Valentine's Day, Jennefer P of San Deigo CA (bought custom emerald ring & band)

Striking Grossular Garnet Gemstones - Including Mali Garnets Gems for SALE
Loose Green Grossular Garnets - Yellow Grossular Garnets - Extraordinary Mint Green Garnet
Striking Grossular Garnet Gemstones - Yellow Grossular - Green Grossular Including Mali origin Garnets - Mali Garnets
Color and Other Physical Characteristics of Mali Garnet
The colors of Mali Garnet can vary from yellow, to greenish yellow, to yellowish brown, to brown. Faceted Mali Garnet gemstones are remarkable for their brilliance and most notably their dispersion, when the body color is light enough to let it show. Like all garnet jewelry , no special care is needed in wearing Mali Garnet jewelry, because like other garnet species, garnet gemstones have no cleavage and are very hard and durable.
History Of Mali Garnet
After being discovered in 1994 in Mali, prices were very high. One year after the initial discovery and production, huge amounts of gem quality material were produced and prices came down quickly. With low prices, this beautiful garnet became very popular and the prices started to rise dramatically. Lately, as less and less gem quality material is being produced, prices have risen and risen dramatically for the rare larger sizes. Large sized gems are very rare in this garnet species and prices increase dramatically with an increase in gemstone size. Clean Mali garnets in large size over 5 carats are exceptionally rare. Fine quality, loose faceted Grossular garnet gemstones can be the most spectacular of all semi precious gemstones. AfricaGems has always been a leader in bringing some of the most beautiful Grossular garnets to the marketplace. Grossular garnet gemstones are usually a yellowish green color, somewhat light in tone and usually contain inclusions. However the Grossular garnet being mined in the locality of the Merelani Hills in Tanzania, called “mint green” Grossular displays exceptionally bright electric green color. These fine Grossular garnets are being found lining the pockets of the tanzanite “sausages”. These Grossular garnets contain trace elements of chromium/vanadium that make them a very bright emerald green color. These gem garnets are just spectacular and can be more impressive than any fine emerald. Generally smaller in size, less than one carat, these gem Grossular garnets make into impressive garnet gemstone rings and pendants.
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Striking Grossular Garnet Gemstones - Including Mali Garnets Gems for SALE
Loose Green Grossular Garnets - Yellow Grossular Garnets - Extraordinary Mint Green Garnet