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  • RUBY  Free Sizes  1.00 to 2.00 carats

What's The Latest Going's On at AfricaGems?
AfricaGems has just received some very interesting large Yellow Beryls, including 2 very fine large briolette matched pairs. Yellow Beryl is still a very affordable gemstone.
Some very fine quite large genuine amethyst gemstone from Brazil and Uruguay. These beryls and amethyst gems are all German cut. These are very exciting gems!

AfricaGems = Quality Gemstones - Loose Gemstones - Gemstone Rings Since 1984
Marc Sarosi of, has been in the gemstone and jewelry business since 1984. I started this business from the bottom up, mining and buying gemstones as a gemstone dealer such as amethyst gemstone, topaz gemstone, aquamarine, emerald, garnets and tourmalines while living in Zambia. A natural extension of loose colored gemstones is colored gemstone rings. Our beautiful collection of "gemstone rings like amethyst rings, aquamarine rings, garnet rings, emerald rings and tourmaline rings).
After returning to the USA full time in 1990, I traveled extensively throughout Africa buying such popular gemstones like tanzanite, amethyst, alexandrite, precious gems like blue sapphire, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire. I have such fond memories of these times getting to know the world, and especially Africa and the African people. Recognizing that the internet would be a powerful marketing tool, I moved away from selling wholesale gemstones to the trade and created in 1998 to bring beautiful high quality precious gemstones and semi precious gemstones to our world-wide clientele. AfricaGems continues to gain popularity because of the excellent quality of products
What Do We Offer?
At AfricaGems, we are proud to offer a huge selection of colored gemstones, both semi precious gemstones and precious gemstones from Alexandrite to Zircon and Gemstone Jewelry including natural gemstones, from natural alexandrite (very popular for alexandrite engagement rings) to zircon (for zircon rings). We also carry birthstones like alexandrite birthstone and enhanced diamonds in all colors of the rainbow. These unusual, hard to find gemstones make interesting and stylish cocktail rings and fashion rings. In the development of AfricaGems, we now offer gemstone jewelry wholesale in rings, pendants and earrings. Some of our most popular gemstone jewelry items are blue topaz rings, citrine rings, peridot rings, tanzanite rings, quartz rings and onyx rings. We also offer full custom jewelry design and build services. Our huge selection of gemstone engagement rings such as sapphire rings, ruby rings and spinel rings would make your loved one very happy and proud.
We Value Our Customers
What's different about AfricaGems is that we take great pride in guiding his valued customers through the whole process of gemstone selection, jewelry design and that final finishing touches that make every piece of gemstone jewelry item from Africa Gems unusual and one-of-a-kind. So you are always sure of the authenticity and quality of our gemstones and gemstone jewelry. Read some of our AfricaGems customer feedback
Making a Difference in the Lives Of Zambian Children
I am especially proud of AfricaGems philanthropy. We donate 1% of GROSS SALES to the Zambian Childrens Fund, a wonderful organization that makes a real difference in the lives of orphaned children in Zambia. I know of no other jewelry or gemstone website that is so generous in their philanthropy. Whenever you buy any loose gemstones or gemstone jewelry, you contribute to helping these children live better lives.