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Beautiful Natural Loose Faceted Semi Precious Gemstones at AfricaGems - Gems from Garnets to Black Onyx Faceted Gemstones in Stock
Shop Beautiful Loose Semi Precious Gemstones – How Are Gemstones Formed?
Natural gemstones are undeniably beautiful. Yet one could ask, with the availability of cheaper materials that mimic the gemstone look, why do we still value natural gemstones? The answer is very deep. Many many miles deep in fact! Let’s take a look at the formation of a natural gemstone. The earth’s crust varies in depth from 3 to 25 miles. Underneath the crust is a layer of molten rock called the mantle, the earth’s mantle is the bulk of the earth’s volume and it is a whopping 1863 miles thick! Since the magma of the earth’s mantle is fluid and in constant motion it creates wear and fractures on the lowest layer of the earth’s crust. The fractured bottom-most layer of crust which has magma fluids escaping through its cavities creates the perfect condition for crystal growth. As this chemical rich fluid moves and cools throughout the earth’s crust, crystallization will occur over time. When all of the physical and chemical ingredients are just right, a beautiful gemstone will be formed, yet this process can take a super long time! When we take time to consider the uniqueness and rarity of natural gemstones we can start to begin to appreciate their value and beauty!

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