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Heirloom Green Beryl
Green Beryl Loose Gemstones - Natural Green Beryls for SALE Now at
Natural Green Beryl - Attractive and Rare Green Berylís from Nigeria
AfricaGems now carries these magnificent gems from Nigeria. Relatively unknown by consumers, as they are quite rare and not readily available in retail jewelry stores. Natural green beryls from Nigeria are unusual amongst non emerald beryls in that they have the trace element of chromium in their crystal structure. Chromium after all imparts the emerald like color we drool over in a fine emerald. The only difference in a Nigerian green beryl and emerald is the relative amounts of chromium in them. Emerald has much more chromium than does the green beryls. The best Nigerian berylís are eye clean which is much different even the most expensive emeralds.
AfricaGems Carries the Best Quality of Green Beryl
We carry the Nigerian green berylís with their mint green color. Our berylís are also graded "eye clean plus" so they are quite free of any inclusions. These berylís make stunning jewelry when combined with white gold and diamonds. Best of all these beryls are much less expensive than emeralds!

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