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hi marc, i had the 12.77 ct pink tourmaline set in my diamond ring this week. i picked it up yesterday; it's GORGEOUS! i thought you might like to see pictures, although the pictures don't do it justice. thanks so much! lisa l. of New Haven CT (bought 2 loose pink tourmaline gems)

The ring and earrings arrived just now, beauitful. Thanks for the great service again Michael D. of Naples FL (bought blue topaz jewelry set)

Dear Mr. Sarosi, The ring just arrived. I do not mind telling you that the photograph did not do it justice, it is wonderful. I have been searching for this ring since I saw one in a painting over forty years ago. Thank you. Michael A of Boise ID (bought black onyx ring)

Marc, Thank you so much! You may have thought it took longer than expected but we thought it was quite expedient. Thank you for continually confirming for us our decision to purchase from Africa Gems. This has been a wonderful transaction. We'll be here all day so as soon as it arrives I'll let you know. Happy Valentine's Day, Jennefer P of San Deigo CA (bought custom emerald ring & band)

AfricaGems Has Beautiful Moissanite Jewelry by Charles Covard for SALE - Best Moissanite Rings, Pendant & Earrings
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What is Moissanite? - Lab Created Moissanite Pendants, Rings, Earrings & Engagement Rings
Many people think of Moissanite as a diamond substitute, yet Moissanite outshines the diamond in brilliance, outlasts the diamond in terms of durability and heat tolerance, has more luminous flashes of sparkling gemstone fire and is unquestionably rarer. Moissanite is more than a diamond substitute; it is a stand out, one-of-a-kind gemstone with a beauty that takes jewelry to the next level. Our knock-out collection of Moissanite jewelry has been handpicked to display the true unique splendor of Moissanite gems with unique and finely crafted 14k Gold settings. Feast your eyes on pendants fit for royalty, earrings that dazzle and shimmer, rings that will blow you away and both classic and contemporary engagement rings sparkling with Moissanite fire. Don't miss out on these exquisite works of art in jewelry form!

Best Selection of Genuine Man Made Moissanite Pendants for SALE - Shop for Moissanite Fashion Pendants
From the beloved classics to the trendiest looks, we have an extensive Moissanite pendant collection that covers the entire gamut of style. Whether you are looking for an everyday accessory or a piece of fine jewelry for a special occasion, we have a Moissanite pendant for you. Set in either 14k White or Yellow Gold, many with options to customize the metal type, and glittering with the best synthetic Moissanite gemstones, these Moissanite pendants will not disappoint.

Discount Synthetic Moissanite Gemstone 14k Gold Earrings for SALE - Amazing Moissanite Earring Selection
From studs to dangles, from lever-backs to wire-backs to post-backs to hoops, our Moissanite Earring inventory has every type of earring you could imagine. If you are looking for a simple classic stud, we offer a range of Moissanite stud earrings in a variety of shapes and sizes, and don't miss out on our Moissanite cluster studs or flower shape stud earrings. For a more dramatic look, we offer Moissanite hoops and dangle earrings in every style. These genuine Moissanite gemstone earrings are a great gift for any lady!

Outstanding Moissanite Gemstone Fashion Rings - FREE Shipping on all Discount Man Made Moissanite Engagement Rings
If you are looking for a right hand fashion ring that will be your new "go-to" piece of jewelry, look no further! Our Moissanite rings are too good to pass up. From classic Moissanite studded eternity bands, to more chunky, funky styles, you will surely the a 14k Gold Moissanite ring that suits your taste. If you are in the market for an engagement ring, you must check out our fabulous array of dazzling genuine Moissanite engagement rings. From the classic solitaire, 3-stone rings and rings with colored gem side stones, we carry every Engagement ring style you could image. She will definitely say "yes" to a beautiful Moissanite engagement ring!

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How Stuff Works - Learn About the Science of Moissanite Gemstones

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AfricaGems Has Beautiful Moissanite Jewelry by Charles Covard for SALE - Best Moissanite Rings, Pendant & Earrings
Shop for Discount Man Made Charles & Colvard Moissanite Gemstone Jewelry - FREE Shipping