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Finest Quality Yellow Golden Topaz Gemstones - Imperial Topaz - Golden Topaz - Precious Topaz

Best Loose Topaz Gemstones for Jewelry - Discount Topaz Prices - FREE Shipping

Rarest of Rare Color in Imperial Topaz Strawberry Pink, 10.1 x 7.5 mm, 3.22 carats
Item #: cushion-imperial-topaz-g2k-92611389
Our Price: $27,370.00
This Genuine Pink Topaz Gemstone Displays An Intense Vivid Medium Rich Strawberry Pink, Excellent Cut, Clarity, And Life. A Super Rare Color, A Fine Gem, Unheated. Master Cutter Bought Rough Directly From The Mine. Truly A Collectors Specimen.Note For A Personal Detailed Description Of This Beautiful Topaz Gemstone, Including Video, Please Contact Us And It Will Be Quickly Provided To You.Note The Very Facets That Create The Beautiful Sparkle In A Gemstone May Create...
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**NEW** Gorgeous Free Sized Precious Topaz and Imperial Topaz In Stock!
AfricaGems has just received an unbelievable selection of high-quality Precious Topaz and Imperial Topaz faceted gemstones. Hailing from Brazil, these exotic stones display fantastic colors in classic Precious Topaz shades of Golden, Peach, and Light Icy Pink. Perfect for that feminine touch to any ensemble. This collection boasts a multitude of carat weights ranging from just over 1 carat to over 23 carats! Also included in this magnificent selection are many beautifully matched pairs of genuine Topaz, just waiting to be se into earrings. Free Shipping on all of these already discounted Topaz gems!

NEW!!!! Loose Precious Golden Topaz an Imperial Topaz for SALE! We Just Added A Bunch of Stunning and Intoxicating Topaz with Fabulous Colors. Find Your Dream Topaz for Custom Jewelry! Precious Golden Topaz gemstones are great as a Yellow Diamond substitute or can be appreciated for their unique beauty. Try a Precious Golden Topaz for a Unique Engagement Ring. Imperial Topaz has deep tones of purple, red and gold and is a beautiful and amazing gemstone for any jewelry. Discount NEW Topaz in stock!

Best Selection of Imperial Topaz, Precious Topaz and Golden Topaz at AfricaGems.com
The birthstone of November and the Zodiac gemstone for Sagittarius, Topaz gemstones have along history. AfricaGems.com has one of the largest selections of loose golden or yellow topaz gemstones available, with over 100 individual topaz gemstones of all shapes, sizes, and price points. Any of these fine topaz gemstones are ready to ship to you by FREE FedEx shipping. Natural topaz gemstones come in yellow, orange, red, pink, and green, brown and of course light blue. AfricaGems selection of yellow gold Topaz gems consists of golden topaz, precious topaz and imperial topaz. This impressive selection of fine topaz gems are selected for color, clarity, superior cut and price.
Golden Precious Topaz gemstones are mostly a yellow to golden orange color. Imperial topaz gemstones are noted for their reddish orange color and are very rare in the largest sizes of gem quality. Golden topaz refers to the yellow variety of topaz gems. Although topaz isnt the most popular gemstone, it has excellent durability, brilliance and hardness which make it a very good choice for jewelry items such as rings and pendants.
Topaz gemstone has been known for many thousands of years. Some important crown jewels thought to have been diamonds in fact were topaz gemstones. It is reputed to have many mystical and magical powers.
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Finest Quality Yellow Golden Topaz Gemstones - Imperial Topaz - Golden Topaz - Precious Topaz

Best Loose Topaz Gemstones for Jewelry - Discount Topaz Prices - FREE Shipping