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Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds - Fancy Colored Yellow Diamonds with GIA Certificates Fancy Yellow Diamonds - Natural Colored Real Yellow Loose Diamonds
Yellow fancy colored diamonds are the best known color in the fancy colored diamond family. Fancy yellows come in a myriad of sizes. The largest fancy colored diamonds ever found have been fancy yellows. The luminescence of a fine vivid fancy yellow diamond is mesmerizing. Our fancy colored yellow diamonds have yellow as the primary hue in the grading report. Some of our yellow diamonds can have significant other colors in them but yellow is still the overall recognizable color. All of our fancy colored yellow diamonds have been certified by an independent gemological laboratory as being of natural color origin. Not only are these orange fancy colored diamonds accompanied with a certificate of natural color, but also with an appraisal of value. Please take a moment to view some of our fancy yellow diamond rings. If a fancy colored yellow diamond isn't your fancy be sure to view our vast selection of certified colorless loose diamond collection.

Why are Yellow Diamonds Yellow? – The Science Behind Yellow Diamonds
Diamonds are formed over millions of years and this process occurs miles and miles below the earth’s surface. When there is an abundance of carbon near the earth’s mantle that is exposed to extreme temperature and pressure over time, the carbon crystallizes to form diamonds. When nitrogen enters the diamond it takes on a yellow color. Small traces of nitrogen would be considered an imperfection in a white diamond, however when there is enough nitrogen to cause a beautiful vivid yellow color such a diamond can be quite valuable.

The History of Yellow Diamonds – Famous Yellow Diamonds
Most large and intense yellow diamonds are found in South Africa. The first yellow diamond ever discovered, weighing 10.7 carats and named “Eureka”, was found by a child in Africa in 1866. One very large and very famous yellow diamond is the Tiffany diamond, weighing in at 287.42 carats. The beautiful cushion shaped Tiffany diamond was worn by Audrey Hepburn in publicity photos for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Currently, the Cora Sun Drop yellow Diamond from Africa—a pear shaped beauty weighing 110 carats—is on display at the Museum of Natural History.

Buying A Yellow Diamond – Always Buy a Yellow Diamond with a GIA Certificate
The best way to ensure that you are buying a quality diamond is to look for a GIA Certificate. GIA is a non-profit institution; they do not buy, sell or appraise diamonds, rather they focus on education and research. GIA has been trusted by fine jewelers worldwide for over 50 years to provide the highest standards of reliability and assurance. Based on the 4C’s of diamonds—clarity, cut, color and carat—GIA provides a reputable and comprehensive analysis of the quality and authenticity of each stone. All of our Fancy Yellow Diamonds come with GIA certificates so that you can be sure you are purchasing a quality stone.

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