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Gorgeous Yellow Fancy Colored Zircon Gemstones - Shop Discount Yellow Zircon Gems for Jewelry at AfricaGems Shop Incredible Genuine Yellow Zircon Gemstones at AfricaGems – Beautiful Loose Free Size Yellow Zircon Gems for SALE
While the Zircon market is mainly focused on Blue Zircons, collectors and gem enthusiast know that that Zircon comes in a range of colors, one of them a beautiful daffodil yellow. Since Zircon has a lot of luster and fire, many Zircons are cut and faceted in a way to maximize the brilliance of this stunning stone. Zircon gems are especially beautiful in jewelry designs because most Zircon gems are extremely eye clean and do not have visible inclusions. The yellow color variety of Zircon is a great choice for adding a unique pop of color to custom gemstone jewelry, and can be paired with both white and yellow gold.

Discount Natural Untreated Yellow Zircon Gemstones for Jewelry – Create Unique Custom Jewelry Creations With Beautiful Yellow Zircon Gemstones
AfricaGems’ collection of natural Yellow Zircon gemstones is unbeatable. We offer a range of carat sizes from as small as under 3 carats to over 13 carats! Also, this selection of Yellow Zircon includes many different shapes and cuts such as round, oval, emerald, cushion, trillion, and fancy cut. On top of that, the color variation is outstanding, with warmer honey toned yellows, medium yellows, pale yellows and bright yellows. Everyone can find the perfect Yellow Zircon for their next custom jewelry project at AfricaGems!

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