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Yellow Sapphire Round Precision Cut Gems - Calibrated
Beautiful Natural Yellow Round Shape Sapphires - Round Cut Yellow Sapphire Gemstones - Best Selection
Natural Loose Round Precision cut Yellow Sapphire Gemstones in Standard Calibrated Sizes - All Qualities Available
Like our Loose free size Round cut Yellow Sapphires , AfricaGems has the best quality and selection of calibrated Round cut Natural Yellow Sapphire gemstones available on the market today.

Yellow Sapphire Jewelry using Loose Round cut shaped Yellow Sapphire Gemstones
Standard size Round cut shaped Yellow sapphire gemstones are perfect for creating your dream Yellow sapphire ring, Yellow sapphire pendant or gorgeous Yellow sapphire earrings. can match any amount of loose Round cut Yellow sapphires perfectly for use in any piece of Yellow sapphire jewelry .

Sourcing our Round cut shaped Loose Yellow Sapphire Gems
We source our small size Round cut Yellow Sapphires from the best Yellow Sapphire cutting houses in the world. Our standard size Round cut Yellow Sapphires are selected from thousands of other Round cut Yellow Sapphires for superior color, cut and make. They are carefully graded and selected so that each grade of Yellow Sapphire is distinct. Our Round cut shaped Yellow Sapphire gems in the AAA grade display a beautiful vivid Yellow color, are brilliant and have an excellent cut and good polish. These gem Round cut Yellow Sapphires make wonderful accent gems or combined together in a pave style make for some spectacular Yellow Sapphire jewelry. Our Round shaped calibrated Yellow Sapphires are not lumpy or have deep cuts that have no brilliance. They all have very good makes, symmetry and display excellent brilliance and intensity. All of our small sized Round cut Yellow Sapphire are backed by our exclusive 100% refund policy and have a 30 day return policy.