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Heirloom Yellow Sapphire Gems
Superb Quality Loose Yellow Sapphire Free Size Gemstones - Loose Yellow Sapphire Gems at AfricaGems
Round Cut
Round Cut
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Oval Cut
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Cushion Cut
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Other Cuts
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The Beauty of Yellow
After blue and pink, yellow is the most sought after color in today’s sapphire market. Unheated Yellow Sapphires with strong color saturation remain rare and are correspondingly much more expensive than heated yellow sapphire gems. Always insist on a tier1 gemological lab report for any unheated Yellow Sapphire stone. Yellow Sapphires frequently have fewer inclusions than other sapphire colors and they are held to higher clarity standards than blue, pink or padparadscha sapphires. The most valuable Yellow Sapphires are Titanium free allowing for a fine yellow color with no trace of green. Well-cut Yellow Sapphires are easier to find than other sapphires and are more likely to be available in speciality cuts such as radiant cuts.

A Favorite for Jewelry
The attractive color is just one reason for this gemstone’s popularity, as with all sapphires it is also extremely durable, scoring a 9 on the Mohs scale, second only to diamond. Faceted Yellow Sapphire has become a favorite in jewelry because of its availability in so many nuances ranging from a light-lemon yellow to a deep orangey-yellow and including anything in between.

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Buy a beautiful, sought after, discounted Yellow Sapphire and be inspired! AfricaGems offers free shipping on all Yellow Sapphire purchases and 100% money back if you are not satisfied. We also ensure full disclosure of treatment on all products in accordance with US law. Unbeatable loose Yellow Sapphire of the highest cut, color and clarity are available at AfricaGems, with great prices and great service.

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