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What is the Meaning of the Color Yellow – What Messages Does Yellow Jewelry Send?
Yellow is typically thought of as a cheerful color. However it can be overpowering if overused. In small doses, yellow has many positive effects—for example, it can enhance concentration (think of sticky notes and legal pads). Also, yellow is the color that the eye sees first—which is why many cities will paint their emergency vehicles yellow. If you’re looking to stand out in a crowd, try subtle splashes of yellow gems. Yellow will get you noticed. In fashion, the fresh appeal of yellow is a welcome addition to bohemian styles and geometric designs in jewelry and fashion. Yellow, combined with other warm hues like red, pink, and orange, will look great in designs with a paisley motif or fashion inspired by the Far East. Bright yellow hues also enchant fashionistas who want updated vintage styles reminiscent of the 1940’s to 60’s. the vivacious nature of Yellow gemstones make them a dynamic gemstone fashion accessory.

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From Citrine, to Yellow Beryl, to Lemon Quartz to Yellow Sapphire, we carry a myriad of different shades of yellow gemstones. If you appreciate the true splendor of the color yellow and the powerful affect the color has as a mood enhancer as well as a fashionable accent, then we definitely have the perfect yellow gemstone for your dream jewelry

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