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White - Calibrated
Beautiful White Topaz Colorless Gemstones in Calibrated Sizes on SALE - Great for a Diamond Substitute
Beautiful White Topaz Gemstones
The cool, calm pureness of White Topaz catches the eye as its inner fire flashes rainbow prisms. In fact, with its colorless brilliance, white topaz has oft been mistaken for diamonds and is an affordable substitute. Since White Topaz displays a sparkling clear color it matches everything and white topaz jewelry is always classic and stylish, regardless of the season.

Gemstone Properties of Natural White Topaz
The natural magnificence of White Topaz is untreated and readily available in smaller sizes. With a Moh�s hardness rating of 8, White Topaz Gemstones are durable enough for everyday wear. Simple white topaz stud earring can dress up an everyday look or, paired with more colorful gemstones, white topaz can bring an element of shine and beauty as an accent for any piece of fancy jewelry.

History & Lore
Historically it was believed that white topaz gemstones healed physical and mental disorders and the Egyptians wore white topaz pendants as a talisman to ward off injury and death. Because of the clear, colorless hue found in white topaz gemstones, many ancient cultures believed that this natural gemstone had the power to make the wearer invisible.

White Topaz is a Natural Gemstone
White Topaz can be found throughout the globe; the major sources of this stunning natural gemstone are Brazil, Nigeria, Australia, Myanmar, Mexico, Namibia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. All calibrated sizes of white topaz are in stock at AfricaGems. We carry a huge selection of loose quality white topaz gems in a variety of shapes for the white topaz jewelry of your dreams.

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