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Electric Green Tsavorite Garnet Gemstone Rings for SALE - Green Garnet Tsavorite Rings in 14k Gold Amazing Discount Tsavorite Garnet Engagement Rings for SALE – Shop Classic Tsavorite Green Garnet Solitaire Rings for Her
Tsavorite garnets, which can also be referred to as tsavolite, were named by the president of Tiffany & Co., Sir Henry Platt, in honor of Tsavo National Park in Kenya, where a tsavorite garnet mine is located. The term Tsavorite garnet is applied to a variety of green grossular garnets, and they are known for their intense green color and high levels of transparency. While beautiful and precious in their own right, Tsavorite garnets can be a more affordable alternative to Emerald gemstones. They are also extremely durable, with a score of 7.5 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale, and have a particularly high refractive index, which creates their beautiful brilliance.

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If you love the color green and are a fan of classic solitaire ring styles, this collection of genuine Tsavorite gemstone rings is right up you’re alley. Our exquisite Tsavorite gemstone solitaire rings can be worn as engagement rings, as many of the mountings are styled in the traditional engagement ring look, though they can also be worn as a regular ring, on any finger you choose! The bold, clear green color of Tsavorite garnets will add a beautiful dash of color to your look! Shop today for discount green Tsavorite garnet gemstone rings!

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