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Trillion Cut gemstones, also known as Trillant Cut, is a triangular shaped gemstone with 43 facets. Since trillion cut gemstones are equilateral, they display a nice amount of light and color, with brilliance on the same level of Round Cut. This unique cut is great for a light colored gem since it maximizes brilliance and it can also be used to lighten and brighten the look of darker gemstones. In terms of history, Trillion cut gemstones were developed in Amsterdam. Another interesting fact is that there is a unique phenomenon called twinning that occurs within Diamonds which means that there is a crystal growing within a crystal. Sometimes, twinned diamonds are naturally triangular, which is referred to as Macle, and these diamonds are perfect for Trillion shape gemstones. Shop this incredible variety of Trillion shape gemstones at AfricaGems. We have so many choices of Trillion gemstones and, as always, AfricaGems offers FREE Shipping and a 30 day return policy. Find the perfect Trillion shape gemstones for your next custom jewelry project.

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