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Tourmaline - Other
Gorgeous Loose Tourmaline Gems for Sale by AfricaGems - Paraiba - Rubelite - Chrome - Pink - Fancy Color - Blue Green - Parti Color - Cuprian - Bi Color and More for Sale with FREE SHIPPING
Blue Tourmaline
Blue Tourmaline
19 Available
Fancy Tourmaline
Fancy Tourmaline
6 Available
Chrome Tourmaline
Chrome Tourmaline
16 Available
New!! Fantastic Selection of a Variety of Tourmaline Gemstones
AfricaGems has just received an amazing collection of the finest quality Rubelite, Blue Green, Green, and Pink Tourmaline gemstones. These sought after stones display high levels of clarity, skillful cuts, as well as jaw-dropping color and brilliance. Perfect for any custom jewelry creation, you'll find something for every flavor in this shipment. With terrific prices, these guys can't be beat! Be sure to check out the new Tourmaline Matched Pairs as we just received many sets of glorious gems just waiting to be set into your ideal pair of earrings!
AfricaGems = Finest Tourmaline Collection Available Anywhere
The size and quality of this incredible natural tourmaline collection is really unprecedented. We have just brought into our tourmaline gemstone inventory over 200 additional super fine quality loose tourmaline gemstones in the following color types; Green Tourmalines - Blue-Green Tourmalines - Fancy Colored Tourmalines. These new loose tourmalines have been selected for
meaning that none of these gems appear inky or have dark areas, even in the lowest lighting conditions which is rare in tourmalines.
The quality of the cutting is top notch. You won't see bulgy or lumpy tourmalines here. All of these gems have very good to excellent proportions which excellent facet alignment and polish.
All of our special tourmaline gems are of good sizes, with many being in the sweet spot for perfect ring sized gems.**NEW** Spectacular Array of Fine Pink, Rubelite, and Blue Green Tourmaline Natural Gemstones
A magnificent collection of finest quality Pink Tourmaline, Rubelite Tourmaline, and Blue Green Tourmaline genuine gemstones has just arrived here at AfricaGems. These luscious gems display breath-taking beauty, eye-catching color, and impeccable, skillful cuts. We