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Tiger Eye
Tigers Eye - Beautiful Natural Honey & Brown Natural Tigers Eye Loose Gemstones on SALE at AfricaGems
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Exotic Tigerís Eye Gemstones

The Exotic, honey-tinged color is only one of the charms of Tigerís Eye. When cut in a cabochon shape, this unique gem flashes a beam of light that resembles the eye of a jungle cat, displaying the optic phenomena called ďChatoyancyĒ. Its golden warmth and rich luster are prized by those who seek the mysterious and unusual in their jewelry.

The Power and Beauty of Tigerís Eye Jewelry
Popular with both men and women, Tigerís Eye offers the exotic appeal of a tribal relic or personal talisman. It is said that Tigerís Eye has the ability to protect its owner from harm and to assist in thinking clearly. Its poweróprimitive yet sophisticatedóis unmistakable, whether set traditionally in gold or hung on a leather cord. As an eco-toned color, the richness of this gemstone is certain to satisfy fashion-conscious consumers who desire chocolate and honey hues as accents to their favorite styles.

Tigerís Eye Gemstone Facts Tigerís Eye is a member of the Quartz family of gemstones. The most important deposits are found in South Africa, though Tigerís Eye is also found in Western Australia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and the United States. Tigerís Eye gemstones have undergone its traditional enhancement process and are relatively hard gems, earning a rating of 7 on the Mohís hardness scale.
Calibrated Tigerís Eye Gemstones
AfricaGems carries the best selection of gem-quality Tigerís Eye in two fabulous colors: Honey, which is a beautiful warm golden hue, and Brown, a hazel-nut, chocolate color. All of the calibrated Tigerís Eye gemstones are in stock and ready to ship.

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