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GEM Tanzanite in Large 20 carat plus sizes - Best Selection of GEM Jumbo Loose Large Tanzanites for SALE Gem Tanzanite in Jumbo Sizes for Tanzanite Jewelry has more than 50 loose Tanzanite gemstones to choose from in the popular size range of 20 to 100 carats. AfricaGems selects our Tanzanite gems for color and cut, the most important considerations when buying a Tanzanite gemstone. selection of the popular gemstone Tanzanite is the best on the web, we have over 1000 Tanzanite gemstones available online-the best selection on the web today and ready to ship to you today by FREE FedEx shipping. The intense lavender-blue color of Tanzanite is a color that everybody admires. In the medium to large size range, such as from 5 to 20 carats, many of the better quality Tanzanite gemstones will display and pinkish and sometimes reddish flash. This is caused by the trichroic nature of Tanzanite. has a vast selection of qualities from medium-dark colors to exceptionally vivid, intense colored Tanzanite gems. Medium to large faceted Tanzanite gemstones in this size range can be mounted into gemstone rings, gemstone earrings and gemstone pendants. Please have a look at our inventory of our stunning Tanzanite rings. Many of our Tanzanite gemstones are expertly cut here in the USA, which not only makes them much more brilliant but also much attractive when fashioned into jewelry. Tanzanite prices have increased substantially in the past five years. See a very special and unique handmade gemstone pendant featuring a fine Tanzanite gemstone.
Learn More About Tanzanite Gemstones History, Lore, Properties and Valuation.

What is Tanzanite?

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